Thursday, October 6, 2016

SAT-10 Practice Tests

Thank you for your interest in Mister Dee's SAT-10 Practice Tests for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. 

In a matter of minutes, you will be able to download/receive a copy of these SAT-10 practice tests. Click the links to grade level you teach below to request for your copy of these resources. 

These materials had been helping hundreds of teachers and parents in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and other states in preparing their students' tests and have dramatically improved their scores in SAT in the last three years. 

So, why do teachers and parents find these resources choose Mister Dee's SAT-10 Practice Tests for KG-2?

  • It's fast and easy to request for a copy of these resources. 
You will receive a copy of resource within 30 minutes after checkout. You may administer these tests right away. (You only need to print the document and photocopy the test booklet for the number of students you have in your class.
  • These materials give teachers and students a very similar experience as taking the actual tests. 
Each practice test includes teacher read-aloud instructions, test booklet for students, and answer key. The test booklet pages have striking similarity to the real SAT-10 test booklets.  
  • These materials have been used and proven to improve students' performance in SAT and other standardized tests. 
If you are scheduled to administer SAT-10 tests in few weeks time from now, it is best that you download your copy now. 

Click this link to view teachers' feedback on Mister Dee's SAT-10 Practice Test.

Click the following links to view the details for SAT-10 practice tests for each grade level.